The Comedy Diva Diaries is the tale of a twenty-nine year old comedienne who gives herself an ultimatum: achieve success before her next birthday, or die trying.  

Our sassy, deluded and insecure heroine endures disastrous stand-up gigs and humiliating TV commercial auditions. Her rich boyfriend, pampered pooch, flamboyant agent, dysfunctional family and back-stabbing rivals aren’t much help.

On the brink of emotional collapse, Diva finds inspiration in a self-help book, and makes the fateful decision to move across the continent in pursuit of the Hollywood dream. 

Will Diva finally admit defeat, or will she find fame and fortune before turning thirty?  And, along the way, will she learn to be a better person?


 "Hip and outrageously funny!”   

                   "Cleverly subversive! 

                             "Turns the cliches of traditional chick-lit inside out" 

 ~ Humor novel

by Kirsten van ritzen